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Oh, I love that look of joy in their eyes!
Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:23pm

Nothing is more pure than the joy in a dog's eyes when having fun. It sounds like Joey has realized he can have fun with you. The eyes don't lie!

You are definitely preaching to the choir about a short cut. It is so much more comfortable for Barney, especially in the heat, and it is so much easier for running in the shrubs and bushes. The burrs don't stick as easily and come out much easier. I love it. It's a lifestyle choice, but I'm also one of those Moms who thinks he's always beautiful, so I'm not easily bothered by short hair. Love my sweet boy, just like you love your sweet Joey.

  • I wish you would see his eyesVera, Mon Feb 12 10:13am
    in the beginning he was always so very serious. But he has come a long way and now makes the most out of every walk :-) He has so much fun. We truly live in doggy paradise. I open the door and he can ... more
    • Oh, I love that look of joy in their eyes! — SD&B, Tue Feb 13 5:23pm
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