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suggestions for tough leash clasps for leaper
Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:09pm

Hi all- Truman is 5 years old now and 75 lbs. He's pretty mellow generally, but pulls really really hard on occasion. The occasion is usually a squirrel, or skunk!!! Or sometimes a speeding black SUV :( He is a doodle with a strong prey drive- he leaps in the direction of the enticing creature. I use a halti/ gentle leader, and this helps a lot, but he still, on occasion manages to pop the clasp of his leashes.

Is there a superior leash/clasp on the market that you have found? We are living in the city now and I don't want to take any chances with his intermittent lunges. Thanks for any suggestions.

    • A harness around their legs?Swarl, Thu Feb 15 10:05am
      Isnít there a kind of harness that prevents dogs from leaping by restricting the movem not fo their front legs? I donít know what it is called. But I have seen them. My preference would be for a... more
    • Yikes!SD&B, Wed Feb 14 11:38pm
      I can sympathize. Sundog had a strong prey drive and, at 28 pounds, could really test the limits of my strength when going for that squirrel. Try emailing Joanne at Poochie Mama Hawaii collars and... more
      • that sounds like a good site to know aboutLinda P and Maxwell in OH, Thu Feb 15 8:11pm
        Max pulls while walking, and has gotten better with the gentle leader, but oh boy! try walking him next door to play with the two cavaliers who live there, and he prefers to choke and gasp for air... more
        • Amazing how strong those mediums are!SD&B, Thu Feb 15 8:18pm
          Especially when they catch you unaware with a lunge. Sundog was a choker/gasper. I went to a harness for both, since I've heard that the extreme pulling can cause trachea damage.
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