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Linda P and Maxwell in OH
Just now read your link.
Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:20pm

This puppy sounds wonderful! The personalities of both parents are delightful!

Hoping for the right little dood to be born for you!

  • At the moment, SD&B, Thu Feb 8 1:35am
    I am not really leaning towards anything. All in the litter will be in the right size range. I want the puppy that best fits our lifestyle. I am thinking of gender and color as a surprise. The... more
    • Just now read your link. — Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Thu Feb 15 8:20pm
      • Thank you! :)SD&B, Thu Feb 15 11:23pm
        I love this breeder and I love the dam and sire. It's so hard waiting! New Puppy was bred during Super Bowl weekend. We should know if Charlotte is pregnant in March. Crossing fingers that everything ... more
    • I did check out your link and the Soogee and Wally, Thu Feb 8 2:56am
      new mommy to be is a real nice looking girl. Seems you could not go wrong either way. It;s very exciting. Something wonderful to look forward to come Spring.
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