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Lori & The Two Hound Train
I have very limited experience with rescues as
Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:49am

Woody is my only rescue. But I do believe that dogs act differently in a shelter than they do in a nurturing environment. They simply don't get the stimulation, interaction, exercise, etc. in a kennel. It is stressful - it can make pups/dogs stressed. It can also make them shut down.

I don't know if they settle right down. And I don't know how you evaluate a dog in that situation. I just know it isn't, in most cases, an accurate representation of that animal.

I think having another dog is good for shy, shut down, undersocialized, etc. types of pups/dogs. Woody was so shut down, I had no idea what his personality was even like for 6 months. And although Wilson wasn't always a positive influence, it helped, and continues to help, Woody.

I am sad at the number of pitties. It has actually made me more aware of them. To be honest, I would never considered owning one, except the need is so great and I have met some unbelievable ones, once I allowed myself to be open to them.

When I was researching doodles so many years ago, I went old school and made a chart/outline. I decided what was important to me (home vs kennel raised, what testing, temperament testing, "the look," etc.). That is where I started. (Your list may be different that mine.) What breeders met those requirements. I made a spreadsheet (I am a nerd) to keep track. I worked in batches of two or three and worked through what their programs were like, keeping notes. While not popular with some, I asked them to recommend two or three other breeders they respected. I did that because I believe a great breeder knows other great breeders and would gladly refer people if they didn't have a pup to suit my needs.

All in all, it has to be the right fit for matter where the pup/dog comes from.

  • One of the things I've noticed is that more than half the dogs I've looked at to rescue have organizations that are requiring them to be adopted out to a family that already has a dog to "mentor" the ... more
    • Thank you FriendsKit, Thu Feb 22 2:32pm
      Well, the search goes on, but I am less confused, thanks to so many of you. I appreciate your counsel. Thanks for all your kind words.
    • I have often heardSD&B, Mon Feb 19 11:56pm
      that an older dog in the house will teach the younger one the ropes. Given dogs' general and social intelligence, I would bet that is true. I would also wonder what the true demeanor of the dog is in ... more
    • I have a lot of rescue experienceFranny (RIP Spencer & Lacey), Sun Feb 18 7:57pm
      I have volunteered for a no-kill rescue for the last 9 or 10 years. You are right, the reason some dogs need to go to a home with another dog is so they can learn to be a "dog" and have the other dog ... more
    • You can do a personality test in the shelter.Swarl, Sun Feb 18 10:51am
      That’s what we did. We took the dog to a room alone, and another time, the dog came outside on a lead , and we did a puppy personality test. It wasn’t hard, or long, and showed us an enormous amount. ... more
    • Birds and DogsMaya, Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn, Sun Feb 18 10:20am
      Sorry, Kit, I forgot that you live with two parrots. I have lived happily with parrots and dogs for many years also (various species including an African Grey, an Amazon, Macaws and Cockatoos). In my ... more
    • Some thoughtsMaya, Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn, Sun Feb 18 9:50am
      There are a couple of books I can heartily recommend that may help you in your thinking. “Love has no age Limit” by Patricia McConnell and “Do Over Dogs: Give your dog a second chance at a first... more
    • I have very limited experience with rescues as — Lori & The Two Hound Train, Sun Feb 18 7:49am
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