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Maya, Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn
Birds and Dogs
Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:20am

Sorry, Kit, I forgot that you live with two parrots. I have lived happily with parrots and dogs for many years also (various species including an African Grey, an Amazon, Macaws and Cockatoos). In my case I brought baby birds into a home with my mature dogs whose natures I knew thoroughly and had an area where I could also close off for the birds to offer each group safe time because as you know the birds can be loud and teasing to the dogs just as the dogs can be curious and playful at times when the birds may not be in the mood. They all learned. The Ws came in as puppies and by then I had a separate aviary but they were introduced to the birds as puppies and have a healthy respect for the by then mature birds who totally dominate them. Although the Ws are advanced seniors now (11-13 1/2) they still maintain that healthy respect for the birds.

I say all this to say that I believe that it would be risky to introduce a mature dog to mature birds and consider it safe. I think mature birds can handle being introduced to young dogs or puppies because they are clever enough to dominate the situation and establish themselves in the pupís mind as a dominant being no matter their size for life especially if you train the pup to support that suggestion. I am not saying it will be impossible to train a mature dog to have the same respect or to accept the dominance of a bird but I think the reliability factor goes way down.

  • One of the things I've noticed is that more than half the dogs I've looked at to rescue have organizations that are requiring them to be adopted out to a family that already has a dog to "mentor" the ... more
    • Thank you FriendsKit, Thu Feb 22 2:32pm
      Well, the search goes on, but I am less confused, thanks to so many of you. I appreciate your counsel. Thanks for all your kind words.
    • I have often heardSD&B, Mon Feb 19 11:56pm
      that an older dog in the house will teach the younger one the ropes. Given dogs' general and social intelligence, I would bet that is true. I would also wonder what the true demeanor of the dog is in ... more
    • I have a lot of rescue experienceFranny (RIP Spencer & Lacey), Sun Feb 18 7:57pm
      I have volunteered for a no-kill rescue for the last 9 or 10 years. You are right, the reason some dogs need to go to a home with another dog is so they can learn to be a "dog" and have the other dog ... more
    • You can do a personality test in the shelter.Swarl, Sun Feb 18 10:51am
      Thatís what we did. We took the dog to a room alone, and another time, the dog came outside on a lead , and we did a puppy personality test. It wasnít hard, or long, and showed us an enormous amount. ... more
    • Birds and Dogs — Maya, Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn, Sun Feb 18 10:20am
    • Some thoughtsMaya, Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn, Sun Feb 18 9:50am
      There are a couple of books I can heartily recommend that may help you in your thinking. ďLove has no age LimitĒ by Patricia McConnell and ďDo Over Dogs: Give your dog a second chance at a first... more
    • I have very limited experience with rescues asLori & The Two Hound Train, Sun Feb 18 7:49am
      Woody is my only rescue. But I do believe that dogs act differently in a shelter than they do in a nurturing environment. They simply don't get the stimulation, interaction, exercise, etc. in a... more
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