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Linda P and Maxwell in OH
Wags Inn, a place out in the country,
Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:26pm

maybe half way between Dayton and Columbus.

Next question is what to do when we all go to a wedding out of state next month. I have a dog sitter who can come to the house, but she works days. We would have to pay her for her time plus she would have to take him to doggy daycare during the day. It might be a better situation to just take him back to Wags Inn. They have rescue dogs as well, as he would always have other dogs to play with and sleep with.

With Bear, after trying various things when we arrived here with him, we ended up taking him to Melanie's house where he hung out with her old dog. He adored going there and would run out the front door to get in her car and greet her old dog. Maybe in the future Max will be old enough and will adore Melanie as well. Unfortunately Max can't be left unsupervised in a house yet and Melanie does have a job. I can't promise he won't chew up woodwork or furniture.

Also, Max is more dog oriented, less people oriented than Bear was. So his needs are different.

  • where did he stay? (nm)Vera, Tue Feb 20 6:32am
    • Wags Inn, a place out in the country, — Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Tue Feb 20 1:26pm
      • I think I would take him back to Wags Inn.SD&B, Wed Feb 21 4:57pm
        It sounds like it fits Max's needs better and, as you said, you don't think he can be left unsupervised in a home. From what you said, he seemed to do very well there.
      • Sounds like Max had a good time!!Anita, Wed Feb 21 9:32am
        I think I would just take him back to Wagsinn as you know that did not stress him out. You would be paying twice and he may expect you to be home every time she picked him up ? Might more stressful... more
      • it looks like a great place (nm)Vera, Wed Feb 21 1:26am
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