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Fostering Mini Doodle
Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:19am

Turns out that will not happen. We have been having terrible icy roads for the past 3 days and more to come. The guy did not live nearby and he met with somone close to him and thinks he will be happy with that situation. Probably just as well as Daughter owns a Travel Agency and is gone quite a bit. In fact is leaving on the 3rd of March through the 6th. She has a large group going to a Destination Wedding in Cancun . She has had a few questions she cannot answer with confidence so thought she would make a quick trip and check it out. Of course with this weather who wouldn't :)))

  • Mini Doodle. Anita, Sat Feb 17 10:11am
    Daughter may be fostering a Mini Doodle from March 1 to July 15th. Dad is being deployed and needs help. He is coming by next Thursday to meet Daughter and Hubby and Clancy and Levi. We will save... more
    • Fostering Mini Doodle — Anita, Thu Feb 22 9:19am
      • roads can be an issue.Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Fri Feb 23 9:57pm
        Probably not good timing for her, but it was a nice thought.
    • What a great service. I didn't know that happened.Linda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Mon Feb 19 1:18pm
      How did your daughter get involved in this?
      • Doodle Owners Group. ??Anita , Mon Feb 19 4:58pm
        I think it is an Oklahoma Doodle owners group she is involved with. Probably about like this. He is stationed at Tinker Air Force Base in Mid West City , A suburb of OKC.. He was going to be out of... more
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