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Soogee and Wally
SD&B---I searched all over. Would
Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:19pm

you believe that the one receipt I needed I can not find. Murphy's Law. I have the item receipt but not the mailing one that I need. I can not believe that the package took the first space ship into the Cosmos. If it is left at your front door and if you work all day, it can be an invitation to walk away with it. I just had a big order from Bath and Body Works delivered to the wrong address. My email said it was just delivered and left at garage at 5:06 pm. No package. Three days later Mort found it at the door on the top of our 70 foot ramp. I guess the wrong address walked it over to deliver it themselves. I am at a loss. I am quite upset over it's disappearance.It sort of ruins everything. I wonder if some mail person has 2 rooms of their home stacked with undelivered mail and boxes. I am sorry. I feel terrible. Not sure what I will do next. Without the receipt I am lost. I am so sorry.

    • Don't feel terrible. Don't feel sorry.SD&B, Sat Feb 24 12:12am
      I don't want that. I am sorry it ended up in the Post Office abyss. I really don't want what I assume to be a kind and thoughtful gift to bring upset into your life. Was it small enough to be blown... more
      • Wehad the same weather here. MortSoogee and Wally, Sat Feb 24 1:32am
        was saying how cold and windy it was and Wally didn't want to go out at all. Mort would take him into the back yard and Wally didn't want to be there. He spent all his time trying to pull Mort back... more
        • I did take a look again.SD&B, Sat Feb 24 5:05pm
          And I didn't find anything. If the wind took it, it could be miles away by now. We have woods in and around our subdivision, so it could be sitting out there with the bears and deer. The mailman... more
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