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Soogee and Wally
Wehad the same weather here. Mort
Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:32am

was saying how cold and windy it was and Wally didn't want to go out at all. Mort would take him into the back yard and Wally didn't want to be there. He spent all his time trying to pull Mort back into the house again. Then pooped where it was warm, under the dining table. Yes, the box was small and light. There is always a chance that blew away. But someone must have picked it up. It won't due them any good. We have a really great postman who goes the extra mile. But not so his fill-ins when he's away or off. I find FedEx delivery often off the wall. They are suppose to leave package at front door. Some of them leave package on deck at the top of my 70 foot ramp. We can't just open that door. I do it once a month to see the doctor. It's blocked from inside and some heavy cart and boxes have to be moved. Some of them do not want to walk the to the door so they lean forward, put the box at the edge of the top step and just push. Doesn't matter where the box winds up or the door bell doesn't ring to let us know a package has been delivered. Can't win, Deb, just can't win.

  • Don't feel terrible. Don't feel sorry.SD&B, Sat Feb 24 12:12am
    I don't want that. I am sorry it ended up in the Post Office abyss. I really don't want what I assume to be a kind and thoughtful gift to bring upset into your life. Was it small enough to be blown... more
    • Wehad the same weather here. Mort — Soogee and Wally, Sat Feb 24 1:32am
      • I did take a look again.SD&B, Sat Feb 24 5:05pm
        And I didn't find anything. If the wind took it, it could be miles away by now. We have woods in and around our subdivision, so it could be sitting out there with the bears and deer. The mailman... more
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