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Hmm, I don't know...
Tue Feb 27, 2018 2:40pm

I loved Travis and I loved Tinker and I loved Jack. But does anybody besides me think that's a little creepy?
Plus, I think she'll be disappointed because DNA notwithstanding, they won't be the same dog. They'll be themselves. All dogs are. So they may look the same, but they'll have different puppy experiences and different life experiences so they'll be different. You know, where's Mom in a situation like that?

  • For those of us who wish we could clone our Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Tue Feb 27 2:23pm
    beloved dogs waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge
    • creepy and weirdVera, Fri Mar 2 9:23am
      I do often talk about Jerry and how much I miss him and his sturdy personality. Joey is so different, scared of his own shadow at times. I often wish he would be more robust like Jerry was. I am a... more
    • will share new experiences. I sometimes compare Rocky to Sam but they are so different. Sam was more low key but Rocky is more of an attention hog wanted to be constatly close to us. Rocky does... more
    • They would have the same bodiesSD&B, Wed Feb 28 5:33pm
      but would they have the same soul? I don't think so. I don't know if that would make it worse or better missing Sundog. As much as I thought she was perfect physically, I really loved her soul.... more
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