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Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:52am

It looks like Maci's breeder (Kate and Maci) has availability on puppies to go home within the next couple of weeks.

    • OOH Kit! This might work! (nm)Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Wed Feb 28 12:39pm
      • You all are so nice!Kit, Fri Mar 2 2:55pm
        I emailed Pat, and she says she has pups that will be ready in June. I have been considering our situation, and since DH is having knee surgery in April, I'm thinking, if it's a puppy, it better be... more
        • Exciting times!SD&B, Fri Mar 2 11:37pm
          If you're meant to have a rescue, I'm sure one will pop up and it will be so. I think you're wise in thinking about the timing for a puppy. I, too, think June is a great time for a puppy. Good... more
      • The breeder is on Long Island.SD&B, Wed Feb 28 5:24pm
        Isn't Kit close to there?
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