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You all are so nice!
Fri Mar 2, 2018 2:55pm

I emailed Pat, and she says she has pups that will be ready in June. I have been considering our situation, and since DH is having knee surgery in April, I'm thinking, if it's a puppy, it better be after that, by at least a few weeks. You know, I'm in such dog withdrawal that I don't think I've been thinking all that clearly. But a guy who can't get down the steps pretty fast is nobody to leave a small puppy with. At least not if you don't want to be cleaning up a lot.
I'm talking to Barb and I'm talking to Pat - and I still have an eye on the rescue sites just in case. I would have to make up my mind - always a challenge - about whether I wanted a golden or an australian. But if I do that, I have a good chunk of time to think.
I do appreciate all the heads ups I've been getting from you guys. I follow every one up, often to find the dog's already gone, or sometimes to find the dog is a lost leader and really they have "mixies," a pseudonym for pit bulls most of the time. Once in a while, I just get no response, which is annoying, especially if the picture is nice. I don't know what's up with that.
Anyway, I'm going to see a one year old in NJ this Sunday, if the storm's let up. His foster says he's nuts and chews, which might mean he's just had zip training, or it might mean he has problems. I will have a better idea once I see him.
I was talking to the Del Val Golden Retriever Rescue about a bonded pair of beautiful boys, one of whom is very elderly and ill and sweet, and the other of whom is younger. But when I read the younger one's background, he's got a very developed prey drive, so probably can't live with the parrots. I had to pass them by. But they look wonderful in every other way, and but for that, they'd be home here with me tomorrow. But if anybody in PA/NJ/lower NY is looking, there they are.
Thank you again my friends.

  • OOH Kit! This might work! (nm)Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Wed Feb 28 12:39pm
    • You all are so nice! — Kit, Fri Mar 2 2:55pm
      • Exciting times!SD&B, Fri Mar 2 11:37pm
        If you're meant to have a rescue, I'm sure one will pop up and it will be so. I think you're wise in thinking about the timing for a puppy. I, too, think June is a great time for a puppy. Good... more
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