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Lisa, I'm
Fri Mar 2, 2018 3:20pm

in SE PA, about an hour outside Philadelphia. It's tough to buy dogs here because there are so many puppy mills and farm kennels, which are not quite as bad a puppy mills, but still quite far from a serious breeder who has the breed's welfare in mind.
I will take a look at 4E Kennel online, if they have a presence, but I'm not sure I feel great about buying a dog when I haven't seen the kennel or the parents, you know? I would have to think about that. But thank you for the tip and for keeping an eye open for me.

  • Kit, where are you located? I will keep my eyes openlisa Reagan and Palmer, Fri Feb 23 4:56pm
    but, I live in Vegas. We do have doodles looking for new homes here quite a bit. There is also a great breeder near us in Pahrump who breeds F1 doodles. 4E Kennel, I know a few friends that have... more
    • Lisa, I'm — Kit, Fri Mar 2 3:20pm
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