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Exciting times!
Fri Mar 2, 2018 11:37pm

If you're meant to have a rescue, I'm sure one will pop up and it will be so.

I think you're wise in thinking about the timing for a puppy. I, too, think June is a great time for a puppy. Good weather for house training and socialization. Maybe we'll get puppies together. Wouldn't that be awesome!

Kate (Kate and Maci) got Maci from Pat. She still visits Pat and speaks highly of her. Barb is close to you and I've been very impressed with her too. Wally (Soogee and Wally) came from Barb. (From Arizona, anyone in PA is at least fairly close to anyone else in PA, lol.)

I am in major Sundog withdrawal. She can't be replaced. But at least I can love New Puppy. And I have the wonderful Barney too. I think he is looking forward to being a big brother. I don't know if he'll be a good influence on New Puppy or if New Puppy will be a bad influence on him. He has always been a follower, lol.

  • You all are so nice!Kit, Fri Mar 2 2:55pm
    I emailed Pat, and she says she has pups that will be ready in June. I have been considering our situation, and since DH is having knee surgery in April, I'm thinking, if it's a puppy, it better be... more
    • Exciting times! — SD&B, Fri Mar 2 11:37pm
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