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Had the scare of my life last night. Rocky was playing with
Mon Mar 5, 2018 2:03pm

my neighbors son's dog and his sister's dog ran out of the house and began to attack Rocky. I started screaming and the girls brother whose dog play great with Rocky comes running over to help me get the freakin dog off of Rocky. Teeth showing, growling and foaming at his mouth. This dog has been known to have a nasty temperament and he is kept away from other dogs but he got out. I am so grateful for my neighbors son for grabbing the dog and I pulled Rocky back. My neighbor's son got bit and had to get stitches and a tetanus shot. I look all over Rocky thank God and didn't see any blood. I am so very close with these neighbors and I lost it and said why don't you but the fu---- dog down he's vicious. I felt terrible afterwards but I got so scared. She was so sorry and kept apologizing.

    • I hate it, too, when people keep an aggressive dog. I always wonder why they want to have a dog like that in their house. I am so sorry about the son. Don't doctors have to report a dog bite? May be... more
    • Oh MY! Very scary.Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Tue Mar 6 2:14pm
      Bear was attacked by a neighbor's German Shepherd 4 or 5 years ago. He pulled himself loose from his owner's hands, and came running with his leash trailing him. The bites were so deep that there... more
    • Attacking dogs are so frightening. Anita, Tue Mar 6 10:40am
      Daughter has had to deal with 2 different neighbors. One 2 blocks from her house on the way to the park. Neighbor said why don't you just walk on a different street ? After the 3rd time she filed a... more
    • I'm thankful Kit, Mon Mar 5 8:44pm
      you and yours are all right. That sounds like a terrifying experience. Perhaps your neighbor will look at her injured son and make the appropriate decision. Much as you hate to say it, some dogs are... more
    • That is terrifying!SD&B, Mon Mar 5 4:02pm
      I'm so happy you're neighbor's son was able to pull the other dog off. That is so scary.
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