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Attacking dogs are so frightening.
Tue Mar 6, 2018 10:40am

Daughter has had to deal with 2 different neighbors. One 2 blocks from her house on the way to the park. Neighbor said why don't you just walk on a different street ? After the 3rd time she filed a complaint and they were fined by the city. Then some people bought a weekend cabin near theirs and brought their 2 dogs out with them. After several attacks she bought a tazer as she wasn't sure the dog would not attack her or the owner :( One died and she is hoping this spring the other will not be aggressive with the other ring leader gone ?? It is sad this dog is a neighbor and belongs to a good friend. :(( Good Luck!! It is a terrifying experience.

  • my neighbors son's dog and his sister's dog ran out of the house and began to attack Rocky. I started screaming and the girls brother whose dog play great with Rocky comes running over to help me get ... more
    • I hate it, too, when people keep an aggressive dog. I always wonder why they want to have a dog like that in their house. I am so sorry about the son. Don't doctors have to report a dog bite? May be... more
    • Oh MY! Very scary.Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Tue Mar 6 2:14pm
      Bear was attacked by a neighbor's German Shepherd 4 or 5 years ago. He pulled himself loose from his owner's hands, and came running with his leash trailing him. The bites were so deep that there... more
    • Attacking dogs are so frightening. — Anita, Tue Mar 6 10:40am
    • I'm thankful Kit, Mon Mar 5 8:44pm
      you and yours are all right. That sounds like a terrifying experience. Perhaps your neighbor will look at her injured son and make the appropriate decision. Much as you hate to say it, some dogs are... more
    • That is terrifying!SD&B, Mon Mar 5 4:02pm
      I'm so happy you're neighbor's son was able to pull the other dog off. That is so scary.
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