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I love all the Aunties here on the Zoo.
Wed Mar 7, 2018 10:35pm

I love that my dogs have others who love them too. I love all the other dogs on the Zoo too.

About 4? weeks until New Puppy is born. The anticipation is killing me. :)

I will give sweet Barney a back scritch from his Auntie Laurie.

  • a bright starLaurie+ Tru, Wed Mar 7 7:37pm
    Sundog was a bright star. She will live for ever in your heart. The day I saw this ad online I was thrilled. I felt like a proud auntie. You are so terrific about sharing your dogs' lives with us... more
    • I love all the Aunties here on the Zoo. — SD&B, Wed Mar 7 10:35pm
    • It's a very fine picture Kit, Wed Mar 7 8:08pm
      of a great dog. I know what it is to miss a dog, so my heart is with you. Can't wait to "meet" the new puppy!
      • Thank you.SD&B, Wed Mar 7 10:37pm
        I wish you didn't know, but I know that you do. I appreciate you and all those on the Zoo. About 4? weeks until birth. The anticipation is killing me, lol. Then 9 weeks until take-home day.
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