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Thu Mar 8, 2018 10:55pm

Charlotte and Wyatt can produce any of the usual colors. Black, chocolate, red/apricot/cream with black pigment, red/apricot/cream with brown pigment in solids, white markings, and partis. I did request a dark female on the application, but I'll gladly take the one with the temperament best suited to our lifestyle, regardless of color or gender. Joyce, the breeder, will choose the right one for us. So, it will be a surprise! We will see!

I asked for a "go anywhere, do anything" kind of dog as the top priority.

Agh, it's so hard waiting!

  • I love Barney's serious faceKit, Thu Mar 8 5:24pm
    I bet he was a serious puppy, too. I think he's just beautiful. I wonder if his new puppy will also be black? Do you have a preference, boy or girl?
    • Maybe. — SD&B, Thu Mar 8 10:55pm
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