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Soogee and Wally
Entire area hit with severe storms
Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:50am

poles and trees down, no power for over 5 days. We were lucky in that we put in whole house generator 2 years ago. What a blessing, for sure. However cable system and WiFi down for a week. This is my first day back on line. Far too much to catch up on. I am inundated with emails. And to think that the night before the storm hit I stayed on line late to clear my emails. Now I have even more not being able to get on line for a week. I do not have a fancy phone with internet. I spent days watching my Lord of the Rings DVDs. The area got hit with a 1-2 punch. First hit with severe winds that knocked out power in entire region. The came the deep, wet snow a few days later. We got a foot of the white stuff. Wally it seems likes the nice, warm and dry house.He kept trying to pull Mort back to the house and gave him a hard time in staying out side until he went. He often held it until he was warm.....then went under my dining table. This little beauty is giving us problems in the housebreaking department. But, he can sure cuddle with the best of them.

One more thing, Deb, I have made a huge mistake in asking you if you got my package. That lost package message was meant for Shelley. I know you got my little package after your loss of Sun Dog. This is what happens to me with little or no sleep. My younger son use to get so annoyed when I would call him by the dog's name. I use to tell him that I knew who he was, what's in a name? I am terrible with names. Its always been a problem for me. That, and the mix up between right and left. It's part of my dyslexia. Tell you what I'm going to do. To make it up to you regarding the package, I am going to send you a few of my special Christmas biscuits that I order just for the holiday. They are for Barney but feel free to share one with him. Why not? Mort always tastes the dog's food and treats. And he complains that the dog will eat anything. Ha! look into thy mirror, Mort LOL. Again, I am truly sorry about the mistake in names.

  • Soogee! Where are you? (nm)SD&B, Sat Mar 10 5:30pm
    • Entire area hit with severe storms — Soogee and Wally, Sun Mar 11 12:50am
      • Thank God you're safe!!!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Mon Mar 12 6:46am
        • Thank you, Peggy. After Mort hadSoogee and Wally, Mon Mar 19 12:56am
          to endure 17 days of no power and no heat after Hurricane Sandy while I was in rehab 5 years ago we put in a whole house generator. This was the first time we really needed it. We put it in 2 years... more
      • Those generators are a blessing!SD&B, Sun Mar 11 4:52am
        I am glad you are doing okay. Those storms in the Northeast sounded really bad. The generator sure was a blessing. I hear you may get another storm this week. I hope the storms are over soon and... more
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