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Those generators are a blessing!
Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:52am

I am glad you are doing okay. Those storms in the Northeast sounded really bad. The generator sure was a blessing. I hear you may get another storm this week. I hope the storms are over soon and Spring comes to your little corner of the world.

Mystery solved! The package was for Shelley. I received the wonderful tag that you sent after we lost Sundog. We love it and it stays on her urn. You do not need to make up for anything. I am very happy with what you sent before and need nothing else. There are no problems. If Shelley's tag was as beautiful as mine, I'm sure she loved it.

What company did you use for Shelley's tag? When my friend lost her beloved Rusty, I sent a memorial tag from the company that you used for Sundog's tag. It came out very nice and she really loved it. Thank you for the indirect recommendation. That company was IslandTop Designs.

Again, no problems. The Post Office lost another package just over a week ago. The tracking history said it was delivered in my mailbox, but it never made it here. So, it was very believable that the delivery was at fault.

Love and hugs to you, Wally, and Mort! Stay warm and safe! :)

  • Entire area hit with severe stormsSoogee and Wally, Sun Mar 11 12:50am
    poles and trees down, no power for over 5 days. We were lucky in that we put in whole house generator 2 years ago. What a blessing, for sure. However cable system and WiFi down for a week. This is my ... more
    • Thank God you're safe!!!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Mon Mar 12 6:46am
      • Thank you, Peggy. After Mort hadSoogee and Wally, Mon Mar 19 12:56am
        to endure 17 days of no power and no heat after Hurricane Sandy while I was in rehab 5 years ago we put in a whole house generator. This was the first time we really needed it. We put it in 2 years... more
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