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Maya and the Ws
You have a predator in the house. The dog isn’t changing nor
Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:22am

is Merlin. This reads like a recipe for catastrophe based on my decades of living and working with dogs and birds. Nala will never be trustworthy and Merlin will test her because Merlin see this as Merlin’s territory and will never let a dog claim or share dominance of it.

African Greys among the hookbills are more territorial because they are ground feeders. The birds will be incredibly stressed forever knowing there is a predator in the house and will never relax. This may cause stress issues and will certainly shorten the bird’s lifespan.

I have said it before but I will say it again. I believe it is in the birds best interest to get a puppy/very young dog who can be trained that the birds have dominance.

Doing anything other than a young pup/juvenile is a risk to your birds and in a moment you could lose them in a single reactive bite.

I commend your desire to rescue a dog. Sometimes it is simply not possible. Living with birds is a huge commitment and requires much of us and in this case it may force you to make different choices regarding what type of dog you will get.

I cancelled my subscription to BirdTalk because it was so full of stories where people made decisions that put their birds in danger unnecessarily and then were surprised when the bird got killed or died. “I vacuumed and the bird got sucked up”, “I was frying a turkey with my bird on my shoulder and he fell in” “I wanted to take a bath with my bird and left him on the edge to take a call and when I came back in he was floating. I tried CPR but I didn’t know whether to blow in or out so I did both but he was dead”, “my cat and bird were best friends for years but one day the bird got scratched and died”. The magazine was full of stories of people who tried to reconcile predator/prey relationships (iguana/bird (salmonella), bird dog/bird (prey drive)) and what they didn’t talk about was the long term stress on the bird just the tragic end result. In doing years of parrot counseling and education I saw the stress behaviors that resulted and that was terribly tragic and sad.

My apologies if I have offended you. I am afraid for the bird and the dog who will get a bad history if she harms your bird.

  • OK, not what I expected. Meet Nala.Kit, Sat Mar 10 9:14pm
    Yesterday, I was looking at a dog at a rescue out in the Brandywine country, and she hypnotized me into bringing her home. This is Nala. She part lab, probably part pit, maybe a little hound. Hard to ... more
    • She is a beauty! ssweir, Sun Mar 11 11:19am
      Good luck with her...I can see how she hypnotized you with her eyes. She is a beauty!
    • You have a predator in the house. The dog isn’t changing nor — Maya and the Ws, Sun Mar 11 9:22am
      • No offenseKit, Sun Mar 11 6:11pm
        I appreciate your point of view. I have introduced three grown dogs to these birds now, and so far, it's always worked out well. Always with the same procedure of tethering the dog, and only allowing ... more
        • Perhaps slowing down the introductions would help NalaMaya, Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn, Mon Mar 12 10:32am
          and Merlin. No dog is perfect when they first come home and especially not a dog who has been through so many transitions and stressors as Nala. She is a lovely dog and from how you describe her, she ... more
    • Oh no! No photo.SD&B, Sat Mar 10 9:46pm
      Hoping that Nala works out in the end. It's hard, especially when an established pack member starts trouble. Maybe a bit of separation for a while might work. It sounds like Nala has potential. Maybe ... more
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