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No offense
Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:11pm

I appreciate your point of view.
I have introduced three grown dogs to these birds now, and so far, it's always worked out well. Always with the same procedure of tethering the dog, and only allowing totally supervised periods when both are in the same place at the same time. I know within two weeks if it will work out, sometimes sooner, especially if the answer is no. Everybody is a bit stressed for a while, but become more comfortable as time passes. It's a question of making it clear to the dog that the birds have a higher number than she does. Either that is okay with them, or they go.
So far, the fourth dog is pretty much following the pattern we've seen before. I am watching her closer, if anything.
Actually one other tendency she has may get her sent back before we know about the birds. She seems to have an aversion to other dogs, which they weren't clear about at the rescue.
That would make it impossible for me to do reading with dogs, which I want to do. So she could go back as soon as tomorrow, if I keep seeing that. It would be a shame, though, because she's a very nice dog.
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    • No offense — Kit, Sun Mar 11 6:11pm
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