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Thank God you're safe!!!! (nm)
Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:46am

  • Entire area hit with severe stormsSoogee and Wally, Sun Mar 11 12:50am
    poles and trees down, no power for over 5 days. We were lucky in that we put in whole house generator 2 years ago. What a blessing, for sure. However cable system and WiFi down for a week. This is my ... more
    • Thank God you're safe!!!! (nm) — Peggy(Rocky), Mon Mar 12 6:46am
      • Thank you, Peggy. After Mort hadSoogee and Wally, Mon Mar 19 12:56am
        to endure 17 days of no power and no heat after Hurricane Sandy while I was in rehab 5 years ago we put in a whole house generator. This was the first time we really needed it. We put it in 2 years... more
    • Those generators are a blessing!SD&B, Sun Mar 11 4:52am
      I am glad you are doing okay. Those storms in the Northeast sounded really bad. The generator sure was a blessing. I hear you may get another storm this week. I hope the storms are over soon and... more
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