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Carol (BCR)
Thanks so much Soogee
Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:56am

Too many originals are in heaven now. Makes me very sad.

  • Hearing this news is very many, so manySoogee and Wally, Tue Mar 13 3:23am
    of the original grouping of doodles have been called Home. Each and every time a sadness sweeps through our Doodle community and we look up to the Heavens wondering to see which star they were... more
    • Thanks so much Soogee — Carol (BCR), Tue Mar 13 10:56am
      • It saddens me as well. I have 2 scrapbooksSoogee and Wally, Wed Mar 14 12:25am
        that were made for me by 2 different girls. The books are chock full of photos that were printed out of many and most of the doodles on The Zoo when I was in the hospital and could not post there.... more
        • <3 (nm)Doodle Mom Carol, Sat Mar 17 8:49pm
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