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Soogee and Wally
It's amazing how much you can learn
Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:04pm

in such a short period of time. Nala sounds like a perfect dog for the right person. I don't think she would be good for a single woman either. Way too protective. A single woman might just always remain single if Nala was by her side. Maya is a well spring of information. I can see myself with my dog on one side of me and Maya on the other. She just seems to know the right information that a person needs. I can certainly understand your need for another dog. It was so hard for me when we lost Doc. But when we also lost Nutmeg it was devastating to me to not have a dog around the house. I was so needing a dog by my side, a dog that needs and wants cuddling as much as I did. I had to wait because losing Nutmeg threw Mort into a depression. He was not ready to give his heart to another dog so quickly. That was a terrible year for me. You will find your right dog. Nala was perfect, but not for you. Your right dog is out there just waiting for you. Try to hang on, Kit, your tim and dog will come.

  • NopeKit, Tue Mar 13 3:23pm
    Well, Maya was right. Nala is a very, very nice dog - but not for a family who keeps any kind of other pets. She's a full time hunter. She darn near caught the squirrel in yard yesterday, and as you... more
    • here is my take on thisVera, Thu Mar 15 3:57am
      today is Joey's 3 years anniversary with us. We found him by pure accident. After Jerry died, I was desperate for a dog and tried to get my hands on any dog that remotely looked like it could fit. We ... more
      • That's good adviceKit, Thu Mar 15 3:29pm
        Actually, I kind of have to do that because of DH's upcoming knee surgery. But I had come to the same conclusion myself. Maybe by summer, or really whenever. I guess it will work out if it's supposed ... more
        • ButKit, Thu Mar 15 3:34pm
          I will say that Jackie in TX looks lovely. A girl, though, and I wanted a boy.
    • There is a new foster located in PA Don'tvicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Wed Mar 14 8:05pm
      know where) but she is getting a foster tomorrow!
      • She is with IDOG. (nm)vicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Wed Mar 14 8:05pm
        • Interesting news.Kti, Wed Mar 14 9:53pm
          How come you know this? It's cool news, of course. Right now, IDOG is down to one pup in Colorado. And it's a lab, not a doodle. There aren't many people giving up doodles, and that's a fact. I put... more
    • It's amazing how much you can learn — Soogee and Wally, Tue Mar 13 10:04pm
    • for everyone involved. I don't think you should feel awful at all. Maybe sad because you really did want it to work out, but definitely not awful for making the right decision. Maybe Merlin knew... more
    • This is not a failure at all, just part of the search.Maya, Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn, Tue Mar 13 8:34pm
      I am very sorry for your distress but think this is anything but a failure. A failure would have been a dead or injured bird and a dog with a history of hurting other pets who would have re-entered... more
    • too bad...Laurie+Tru, Tue Mar 13 7:16pm
      Kit. You must be feeling just horrible. I so hope Nala finds the right home. You are doing what you need to do to protect the pack you have already. And better to err on the side of caution. Truman... more
    • HUGS! you will find you new dog soon, follow your heart.jackie&duke&delilah, Tue Mar 13 4:49pm
      It's so funny how some dogs are hunters and some are not. Duke walks out in the yard and the squirrels barely look up. He walks right by the ducks and geese by the lake. HOWEVER when we got Delilah,... more
      • WereKit, Sat Mar 17 11:44am
        Duke and Delilah both doodles? I think I remember not?
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