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Sat Mar 31, 2018 3:22pm

I wonder if that is not just that it is such a large state ?? Population compared to others ?? Daughter rescued one from a shelter here in OK. and people came from Dallas to get him. Somehow they had seen him on a forum daughter is on. Maybe she posted his picture ? They contacted her to see if she could go get him as they were afraid he would be gone before they could get here. He does look like a doodle. Just never heard one called Brindle. .

  • DexterKit, Sat Mar 31 2:41pm
    I was looking at him enviously the other day. Seems like there are a good many doodles in Texas. He sure looks like a labradoodle to me. I've seen black to brown doodles before, but usually they're... more
    • Texas — Anita, Sat Mar 31 3:22pm
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