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Kit and Max
Fur baby!
Wed Apr 4, 2018 6:07pm

Meet Max. He used to be an IDOG, but now he is my dog!

He is a delicious 20 month old puppy who is the sweetest boy you'd ever want to meet. And thanks to IDOG, he is mine. We start our day with a fairly sedate walk, but then there are zoomies in the back yard. It was very foggy and kind of dark this morning, so not the greatest phone snaps in the world.


And then, we found a ball in the yard, just sitting there, waiting for us! Like it was meant to be.


I want to thank Lynne, and Maria, and Amy and all the IDOGers who brought him to us. He is perfect. And did I say he was sweet?
He so wants to be such a good boy. Merlin, the African Grey parrot threw herself on the floor in front of him, and he started to go that way, but a sharp call sent him right in the other direction, giving me time to pick the feathered nut up. They have looked each other over. Merlin has stopped growling. Maxie never did. They should reach detente within the month, at this rate, and be friends by end of summer. Banning, the conure, of course, just keeps away and that's just fine! She only likes me anyway.
But Maxie seems genuinely to like everyone he meets, person or creature. He's very good natured. I loved him the moment I saw him. He looks stunning in the collar Trav used to wear. Such a handsome boy.
We went to the vet this afternoon, and he says Max is in great shape, was well taken care of, and is a handsome fellow. I am over the moon.

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