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IDOG is wonderful!
Thu Apr 5, 2018 9:47am

So happy for Kit and Max to have found each other. Please remember that IDOG is a totally volunteer organization and is dependent in large part upon donations. They need the $$ to care for and vet these wonderful doodles. Ozzie gives his birthday money to IDOG and I also give my birthday and Christmas money to IDOG. My family is extorted to give to IDOG in lieu of gifts to me. Please think now about giving something to IDOG, just for the heck of it! It's a feel good thing to do! Thank you IDOG for being here for us when we need you!!

    • Don't foget Amazon SmileLinda & Teddy, Thu Apr 5 1:33pm
      For those who are unaware, the Amazon Smile program will make a donation to IDOG with each of your purchases.
      • My Amazon Smile is for IDOG too. (nm)SD&B, Thu Apr 5 6:20pm
      • IDOG has beenKit and Max, Thu Apr 5 3:04pm
        my Amazon smile go to for years, now. It's probably not very much per purchase, but all together, it adds up, especially if we all do it. Thanks IDOG, indeed!
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