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I can look at the pictures
Thu Apr 5, 2018 6:19pm

and know exactly what he looks like in real life. While the black ones are hard to photograph, they are most gorgeous in real life. Your favorite is also my favorite.

Great that he is getting along with the birds.

Try taking pictures in diffused light. In shade or overcast skies or during the dawn/dusk golden hours. Fill the frame with Max as much as possible to allow the camera to meter his color as most of the picture. Bright sunlight can wash him out. You'll get the hang of it.

All bright colors look great on a black dog. Just about any color looks great on a black dog. Love that red collar. I liked Sundog in a red collar. He looks a lot like a huge Sundog.

  • PicturesKit and Max, Thu Apr 5 5:30pm
    Okay, I see what you mean about photography and a black dog! LOL! I had my camera and a new lens outside today while we were playing ball. Thought you might like to see a couple of the pictures. You... more
    • Awesome!Anne-Marie RIP Isha and Kala, Sat Apr 7 11:13am
      So happy for you Kit! He is adorable and handsome and the luckiest dog around!
    • Max is sooooo handsome! Of course, I DO have a softMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Fri Apr 6 11:44pm
      spot in my heart for black dogs, lol. I'm so happy you found each other (and that Max and Merlin have reached detente!) You did a fantastic job getting pictures of this black hunk. Welcome to the Zoo ... more
    • Awh!!Leslie, Kirby and Daisy, Fri Apr 6 4:19pm
      He resembles my Daisy quite a bit. She also has the brown around her muzzle :). Glad things are going well
    • Max looks like an old soul in a young body. Perfect!Maya,Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn, Fri Apr 6 1:10pm
      Kit, I am so happy for you and for Max! His personality really comes across in your photos and from what I read in your posts about him and his interactions with Merlin (test and quick acceptance -... more
    • Oh, Beautiful baby!! I am so happy forSoogee and Wally, Fri Apr 6 2:35am
      the new babies joining The Zoo and bringing sunshine and life back in and giving all of us a chance to share life and love around in the form of bouncing, baby (ish) doodles. Keep them coming. I am... more
    • I can look at the pictures — SD&B, Thu Apr 5 6:19pm
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