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Kate and her "Y" Gitls
It certainly is a beautiful photo. Bless their
Fri Apr 6, 2018 11:45am

perfect little souls. xox

  • My heart just skipped a beat... Thank Youlaurie rufus and stella, Thu Apr 5 9:46pm
    zookeepers for posting my Rufus and Stella. When did you post this? I haven't been on for a couple of days... just taking a break since loosing Stella. We have never been on the header. Thanks... more
    • Oh my! SO beautiful!Jeannine Callie Cynder, Mon Apr 9 12:26pm
      Tears in my eyes to know they are gone. Such beautiful babies. How old were they? I can't imagine how empty your house and heart must feel! Hugs!
    • your babies were absolutely beautifulsher (MadMacMar), Sat Apr 7 7:23pm
      I'm so sorry if they never made it to the header. I tried for a long time to keep all doodles sorted and in line, and make sure I got everybody ... but I know I missed many. I'm so sorry that you see ... more
    • It certainly is a beautiful photo. Bless their — Kate and her "Y" Gitls, Fri Apr 6 11:45am
    • That's a great header pic.SD&B, Thu Apr 5 10:04pm
      Stella and Rufus are so pretty. It will be good to see them in the header every time I come to the Zoo.
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