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Kit and Max
Sun Apr 8, 2018 10:11pm

Today, for the first time, Max ate two full meals. With gusto. Plus many treats. We also saw our first doodle pose. He's feeling more comfortable with us.
We tried a play date with the dogs of some friends, but she neglected to tell me that her youngest isn't neutered yet, so all he wanted to do was hump Max, who wasn't happy about it. He can run faster than a pack of newfoundlands, there are four of them, but we only stayed for a few minutes. As soon as it became clear that his owner couldn't control the pup, we left. He's two, but so much heavier than Max that it was no contest. So we left and went for a nice, long walk, then came home and had a run in the back yard. Hopefully, it won't have made too much of a bad impression. The two of us took a short nap on the couch this afternoon, and then played some ball. He seems fine. Note to self: buy a new Chuck-it, so your shoulder doesn't get out of whack.

Interestingly, Merlin calls Max Travis. She never did, with Maggie. But something about Max reminds Merlin of Trav. She has no problem trundling across the floor to him. He just watches, with interest. They're in the process of working it all out. This is interesting because Merlin never paid Maggie any attention at all. She wasn't uncomfortable with her, and Mags never threatened either of the birds. She got, right away, that they were family members. Merlin simply ignored Maggie. Max, she was interested in right away. She is in the process of training him now. Never a dull moment. Really, it's hard to go off to work these days. What's happening at home is much more interesting!

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