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Shelly in Charlotte (Tucker)
Breeder Recommendations in NC or SC or Surrounding States?
Mon Apr 9, 2018 1:53pm

I used to post here quite a bit when I got my precious goldendoodle boy, Tucker, from Dawn at Legacy Springs (SC)in 2006. Well, even though Dawn's breeding operation was shut down and exposed for horrific conditions, Tucker was healthy, thrived and was a wonderful pet and companion....and really my very best friend.

Sadly, Tucker went over the rainbow bridge last week.

I can't think of any other way to dull the pain then thinking about the happy times with Tucker and maybe trying to get on a waiting list for an upcoming litter of goldendoodles. Need to have positive things to focus on.

Not having researched breeders in over ten years, I am at a loss. There seem to be so many more and it's so confusing.

Ideally, I'm looking for an f1 goldendoodle, but maybe an F1b. Tucker was a big boy- about 75lbs. Looking for about the same in size. I would like a breeder who would be willing to match the personality I'm looking for. Open to any coat type or color, but in an ideal world I would like a silkier, less curly coat and lighter color. That's why I'm thinking more F1.

Any recommendations or advice would be so very appreciated.


    • Misha from Legacy Springs, tooKay, Fri Apr 13 1:42pm
      Hey, Misha was also from Legacy Springs, 2006 litter, and she has a metastatic melanoma and they give her two months to live. She has been the best. I am on the waiting list with a wonderful breeder... more
    • I am so sorryKit and Max, Wed Apr 11 2:26pm
      You know, I totally missed the bit about Tucker's passing. I must have read only the first line or something. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's hard when we lost our best friend. I hope you find... more
    • so sorry to hear about Tucker. Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Tue Apr 10 5:12pm
      Losing a heart dog is devastating. We did what you are thinking of, after we lost Bear last spring. Gotta have that new doodle or the house is too quiet and empty. Good luck. We got a Labradoodle... more
    • GD breedersKit and Max, Tue Apr 10 3:41pm
      Okay, so I found this site recently when I was starting to think about a puppy, before miracle man Max came my way via IDOG. This is not a puppy broker. It is a list of breeders. You still have to do ... more
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