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Karina, Colby, Evie and Dusty
Today is my turn for tears.
Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:35am

This afternoon we had to help Colby to the rainbow bridge.
He would have been 14 on May 4th and his health hadnít been great for the last few months.
The last couple of days he deteriorated and rather than pump him with more drugs to keep him going for us, we decided it was best to let him go now while he was still relatively happy.
Yesterday he paced and panted and couldnít get comfortable so Iím sure I made the right decision as hard as it was.

He was the most beautiful dog and he will be sadly missed. I canít stop crying.

I donít spend much time on the Zoo anymore but do check in every few days. I know heíll be in great company. I canít post a pic as I havenít got a photobucket account anymore.

RIP Colby 04/05/2004-13/04/2018

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