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Xena was amazing! She had puppies when
Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:46pm

I was out there! OMG!! To die for! I was actually in Joys will that if anything happened to Joy, Xena was to come to me. Quite an honor! Sad, I know how much we miss them when they are gone. I miss my boys everyday. Hugs

  • She was a gorgeous dog.Kelly, Mac and Roni, Fri Apr 13 12:11am
    It is sad that she is gone. Joy misses her terribly. It was a beautiful litter of pups. All of them had the silky black, wavy hair. We keep Mac's hair short now. I miss the days of the longer coat.... more
    • Xena was amazing! She had puppies when — vicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Fri Apr 13 12:46pm
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