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I am still in awww that you get one of Joyce's puppies (nm)
Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:58pm

  • New Puppy PicturesSD&B, Thu Apr 12 5:22pm
    Since we don't know which puppy will be ours, you'll have to look at pictures of 5 adorable pups. Hope you don't mind.
    • So sweet! (nm)Karina, Colby, Evie and Dusty, Fri Apr 13 3:37am
      • I totally agree.SD&B, Fri Apr 13 5:54pm
        Again, I'm sorry you lost your dear sweet Colby. Fourteen years wasn't long enough. Hugs....
    • You can't really think we would mindSoogee and Wally, Thu Apr 12 9:47pm
      having to look at (yawn) all of the new pups. Hey, bring them on! What temperament are you looking for? What important qualities are you looking for? I'm nosy, Soogee got to know.
      • Well, I asked for SD&B, Thu Apr 12 11:56pm
        I asked for a "go anywhere, do anything" type of dog as the top priority. I also listed other traits that I desire, but they all support that "go anywhere, do anything" type I asked for.
        • So many people, so many differentSoogee and Wally, Mon Apr 16 11:12pm
          requirements. I wish I could ask for a go anywhere, do anything. My needs at this point in my life and physical problems was...cuddle, that's it., affection, both the giving and receiving kind and,... more
          • That's the beauty of a good breeder.SD&B, Tue Apr 17 12:03am
            We can ask for a pup to fulfill our individual needs. You got exactly what you asked for. Wally, the Super Cuddler!
            • LOL, Well,actuallly, right now he isSoogee and Wally, Fri May 4 12:50am
              Wally, the non-eater, the 2 day eater then no eating. Wally, the everything goes into his mouth. Everything he should not put in mouth. Wally, the crying and whining puppy who wants what we eat.... more
              • We used to call BarneySD&B, Fri May 4 1:12am
                We used to call Barney the Toy Annihilator. He must have an engineering mind. He knew the weakest point of the toy and positioned it so that only 1 point of one molar could apply the most force. Poor ... more
                • That's what I had with Doc and Nutmeg.Soogee and Wally, Fri May 4 1:45am
                  Meggie loved her soft toys. Doc would take all of them away from her. Meggie would get very upset. She would always let him have it. She would get very upset but would never fight him for it. Doc... more
    • OMG!!! (nm)vicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Thu Apr 12 9:36pm
      • :) (nm)SD&B, Thu Apr 12 11:47pm
    • Be still my heartKit and Max, Thu Apr 12 8:03pm
      Absolutely adorable, all of them, and whichever will be yours is the cutest. ; )
      • ;) (nm)SD&B, Thu Apr 12 8:09pm
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