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Sometimes, there is nothing finer
Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:25pm

than spending the day with your beloved doodle.

I hope everything works out for the best for you, whatever that may be.

  • Picture time!!!!Vera, Sun Apr 15 1:05pm
    yesterday was a very special day for me. Not that I did anything that special. But I had a day I hadn't had in a very loooog time. My pain level was down to normal, not at 100 %, we had nice sunny... more
    • By the wayKit and Max, Thu Apr 19 3:49pm
      About cold sores. There's a non-prescription medication for them now, called Abreva, which is not cheap, but not real pricey either. It works pretty well. Comes in a tube. It makes them go away much... more
      • I know about AbrevaVera, Fri Apr 20 3:03am
        I used it when I lived in the US. Well worth the money. there is different meds in Germany and I have a very good pharmacy around the corner. Today I woke up and I have another cold sore on my eye... more
    • It is good to see a smile on your face.Kelly, Mac and Roni, Wed Apr 18 5:49am
      I get stress related cold sores also. I used to get medication to prevent them, but my medicare prescription supplemental will not pay for it. It costs over $700 for a prescription. I cannot afford... more
    • You certainly deserve a special day. Lots of them even.Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Tue Apr 17 2:00am
      Joey looks so cute sitting on the bench with the bit of pink tongue showing. You look happy, Vera. I hope the counseling leads you to some type of resolution that you can both live with. It is so... more
    • Oh, how well we understand your needSoogee and Wally, Mon Apr 16 8:47pm
      for a day of peace and quiet. It's good therapy. I am delighted that your pain issue is down considerably. Wish I could share it with you. I could use a day like that myself. Wat did I say in your... more
    • what a great day you had! It's a vicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Mon Apr 16 12:18pm
      shame children can't let parents be happy and be happy for them in the lives they choose. If my kids did that to me, they would and I would have NO contact with them. May sound harsh, But I WOULD NOT ... more
    • Sometimes, there is nothing finer — SD&B, Sun Apr 15 4:25pm
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