Linda P and Maxwell in OH
Max is peeing on all the beds!
Thu Jun 7, 2018 11:15am

Max is house broken and no longer chewing up everything in sight, so we are allowing him to roam the house while we are at home, or only gone for short periods of time.

In the past week he has peed on two different beds. It is not as if he isn't taken out regularly. He won't go when taken out, unless he really needs to do so anyway. If he doesn't go when he is taken out, is it because he just peed on a bed, or he isn't ready...

So now we have to keep all the doors shut so he can't get at the beds.

anyone have any ideas why he would have this interest in beds?

    • Maybe he has a UTI???LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Tue Jun 12 8:15pm
      Male dogs get them as well as females.
    • Thanks for the comments! DD, who is a bit of aLinda P and Maxwell in OH, Sun Jun 10 9:33am
      dog whisperer, but moved to a new job 4 hours from home last month, thinks he is marking that he belongs to the family?
    • Have to say - This warnt no accident!!!!swarl, Fri Jun 8 12:25pm
      I'd say that Max was pissed off that you were gone. Don't you think that is the pretty clear message? Good luck. I have no idea what the cure is.
      • I agree, this doesn't seem to be an accidentLinda P and Maxwell in OH, Fri Jun 8 8:11pm
        If it was a potty training problem, it could have happened anywhere. We have not seen it happen, just found it afterwards. Other than closing doors, I don't know what else to do.
    • OK, I'm no expert here and needlessSoogee and Wally, Fri Jun 8 12:15am
      to say we have our own problems with baby Wally but what comes to mind is this: The beds have your scent all over them. By peeing on the beds your Max is adding his own scent to the mix and claiming... more
    • Max, peeing on beds is kind of a social faux pas!Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Thu Jun 7 6:03pm
      I had to laugh for just a second when I read this, Linda. Our doods would never be naughty and I was trying to picture what Max might have been thinking when he committed this social blunder! We had... more
      • Oh, dear,Kit and Max, Thu Jun 7 6:08pm
        I devoutly hope this is not a Max problem! I would almost guess he's annoyed with you for leaving him alone. Have you thought of crating him while you're out? We weren't going to crate our Max, but... more
    • It might be the smells on the beds. Do youEllen and Remy, Thu Jun 7 3:54pm
      have Bitter Apple? It works wonders. Completely non toxic and won't stain furniture or anything. Dogs don't like the smell or taste. Worked wonders for us when Remy was a puppy. I saturated... more
      • That might be possible. But he hadn't had anLinda P and Maxwell in OH, Thu Jun 7 4:37pm
        accident in some time when we finally allowed him the run of the house. So this is a new behavior, after we thought he was over the potty training issues. Will bitter apple harm antique quilts on the ... more
    • so far area rugs have not been an issue.... (nm)Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Thu Jun 7 11:16am
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