Shelley - Willow Grace
Congratulations! (nm)
Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:52pm

  • More Frosty pics!SD&B, Thu Jun 14 12:15am
    Frosty loves the new yard. It has natural landscaping with trees and dirt and pine needles and such. Look at that nose. Nothing like a good stick. Once in a while, she reminds us of Sundog.
    • Really prettyKit and Max, Mon Jun 18 5:46pm
      You can see how much lighter she is now than when the photo on the header was taken. I'm interested to see how light she gets. She sure is a beauty.
    • So adorable!Anne-Marie Bernier +Mira, Fri Jun 15 5:50pm
      you are going to have so much fun! Mira is a hoot, always into everything. Mira now weighs 15 lbs at 10 weeks! When i see her in the morning it is like she has sprouted overnight!
      • Frosty was SD&B, Sat Jun 16 1:17am
        9.3 pounds on Tuesday (10 weeks - 2 days). Sounds like Mira has 5 - 5.5 pounds on Frosty at 10 weeks. Yeah, it looks like Frosty also grows overnight. What weight is Mira projected to be as an adult? ... more
    • Congratulations! (nm) — Shelley - Willow Grace, Thu Jun 14 3:52pm
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