Melissa, Roo, and Ellie
Thanks for asking! Well, it didn't go exactly as
Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:38pm

I had hoped. They removed the cast and sutures, did xrays and then the surgeon came in. He said the incision looks good, not much swelling, and I have good anatomical alignment and then told the tech to put another cast on. What?!?! He told me before the surgery to bring my brace with me because I would wear that after the cast came off. He told me "if you can be good and not ruin it," I can wear the brace. I asked what being good meant and he said absolutely no bending, but I can weight bear. I thought I would be starting PT this week, but he said not for FOUR more weeks. I went with the brace because that cast was so hot and itchy. I really shouldn't be disappointed I guess because this is the normal course of recovery. I don't know what I was thinking. He kept asking me if I understood and I assured him I do. I really like him and he wasn't being rude or condescending, but I think he thought because I'm a nurse I would have a better grasp of the healing process. It's different when you're the patient and I guess I thought I would be "special" and the traditional recovery wouldn't apply to me, lol. Sooooo, here I sit for 4 more weeks. At least I don't have to wear a trash bag in the shower anymore so there's that! I really miss work (weird, I know) and feel like I'm missing the whole summer. Ok, pity party over. I'm going to through my craft supplies and see if I can find a project to keep me busy.

  • Today is Monday!Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Mon Jun 25 2:14pm
    Ready for the report! How are you doing?
    • Thanks for asking! Well, it didn't go exactly as — Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Mon Jun 25 11:38pm
      • Bummer!Kit and Max, Thu Jun 28 10:13pm
        You must be fit to be tied. But hang in there. There's light at the end of the tunnel. (Let's see if I can write a sympathy post made up entirely of cliches!) I can totally understand missing work.... more
        • I really need structure! My boss has said he will let meMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Sat Jun 30 2:59am
          come back on light duty as the ED secretary. We have a policy of no light duty, nurses have to be able to come back with no restrictions, but I will be allowed to work as the ED secretary until I can ... more
      • SometimesSD&B, Wed Jun 27 5:18pm
        I hope to be "special" too. It usually doesn't work out that way for me either, lol. At least you are past the cast part. Onward to the brace and counting down to the time when that will be gone too. ... more
      • darn. double darn. sorry you have so muchLinda P and Maxwell in OH, Tue Jun 26 7:25pm
        longer to wait. That shower thing is big. DD had her feet and achilles tendons operated on when she was in her early teens. that procedure -- wrap the cast with a towel, then a trash bag, then tie it ... more
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