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Sounds like she is enjoying herself. How is
Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:26am

Barney doing with her???

  • Frosty!SD&B, Mon Jun 25 8:15pm
    Today Frosty and I visited a friend who has horses and chickens. She wasn't sure about the "big dogs", but she was interested in the "small feathered dogs", lol. She did watch the big dogs with... more
    • SO FUN Kit and Max, Wed Jun 27 4:19pm
      It's such fun introducing them to new stuff. Sounds like Frosty is seeing the world!
    • Sounds like she is enjoying herself. How is — Peggy(Rocky), Tue Jun 26 6:26am
    • What a big day for a little doodle girl! How fun thatMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Mon Jun 25 11:41pm
      you got to meet some "feathered dogs." I happen to love those things called chickens and miss having my girls. Ellie would probably be interested chickens, too, but I'm afraid Mr. Roo would chase... more
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