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Kit and Max
Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:38pm

Max is thrilled with chipmunks. He chases squirrels, too, but they escape up trees. I think he feels he has a chance with chipmunks because they stay on the ground. Of course under the ground, as well, and in all sorts of bolt holes all over, which Max sniffs at for as long as I'll let him. He really is obsessed with chipmunks. They must have had them where he came from, but you'd never know it. It's like he has a new toy he loves. He always notices them, but he's very good when he's on the leash and doesn't run after them, then. But boy, if he isn't leashed, he's off!

My DD2 opened the house door this afternoon, just for a second, and Max was out and after a chipmunk so fast. Thanks be, DD 1 caught him before he could go far. They're off to coach a swim meet, but a conversation about the door and Max is obviously necessary. Ordinarily, he wouldn't bolt, but clearly the temptation of chipmunks is just too much. And doodles are so fast. Man. Thankfully, there isn't generally much traffic on my street.

Speaking of which, driving to work this morning, my heart stopped when I saw this beautiful, white doodle run wildly out into traffic. A car jammed on its breaks and just missed it. And then it ran around in circles and out in front of another car. It was totally out of control. I was just about to turn and pull over and try to get it into my car, when it took off down the road at top doodle speed. Half a mile away before I could turn my car. At least it was on a less trafficked road. I hope it was on its way home. It has a little limp now from that one near mishap. Maybe it just bolted out the door or escaped an electric fence. Nearly died this morning. Which its owner will probably never know, God willing. It also caused a minor fender bender because the one lady jammed on her breaks and the guy behind her bumped her a bit. People don't think.

My heart is with everybody who lost a doodle this week.

    • I have not seen a single chipmunk at our new house and have Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Fri Jun 29 4:23am
      only seen a couple of squirrels and a handful of rabbits. Ellie woofs at the bunnies, but doesn't give chase. Roo stares them down, but doesn't chase them. My two are more interested in the toads and ... more
    • Oh my gosh!SD&B, Wed Jun 27 5:58pm
      That would have been so scary. I hope the poor doodle is okay. I would have been scared to death for it. Ah, chipmunks. That must be quite the temptation. Max looks like a sleek missile, so I bet he... more
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