I know what you mean.
Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:38pm

Frosty has already grown so much!

I tried the recall in a friend's yard. It didn't go very well. Of course, that was the same yard in which she saw "big dogs" (horses) and "little dogs with feathers" (chickens), so it was just too much at the time. She also saw a cat. She wanted to play with the chickens, but didn't chase the cat and watched the horses from afar. I was pleased with that. We'll continue to work on the recall and build a good foundation.

Loved the video on facebook of Mira playing with the tree wrap.

  • so cute!Anne-Marie + Mira, Thu Jun 28 4:30pm
    Mira's recall in the yard is great. Have not tried it oustide the yard yet though. Frosty is adorable! 12 weeks already, growing like weeds these pups. Mira seems to grow over night, it is incredible!
    • I know what you mean. — SD&B, Thu Jun 28 4:38pm
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