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Frosty's First Cigarette
Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:04am

Frosty was offered her first cigarette today. A Camel Unfiltered. I must add that it was a kind and generous gesture.

Today was a big socialization day. It started out with visiting with the builder across the street for a few minutes. Frosty loved him. Of course. Then I took Frosty out and about town. We stopped at the Public Safety Office. There weren't any uniformed personnel there, but she saw the receptionist through the glass and heard her talk in an odd voice through the speaker in the glass. Then we went through the drive through at Dairy Queen and we both had ice cream. She thinks ice cream is yummy. We came home and a few hours passed. We went out in the yard for a wandering walk and sitting in the nice evening. Then we heard some construction equipment on our street. A bobcat and dump truck were transferring a pile of rocks from one driveway to another. A great opportunity for socialization to sounds, we stood at the edge of the road and watched. One of the workers came over. I was pleased since he had a straggly gray beard. I'm not sure that Frosty has seen that. Anyway, he adored Frosty and Frosty adored him. Suddenly, he pulls out a pack of cigarettes and offers one for her. I had been feeding her rotisserie chicken and he thought the white objects were cigarettes. Being a nonjudgemental fellow, he offered her one of his. LMAO. We politely declined. Frosty had a good socialization day today. And she said no to cigarettes, lol.

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