Melissa, Roo, and Ellie
DH and I had a date night tonight! It was so fun to
Sat Jun 30, 2018 2:51am

get out of the house. I probably wouldn't have suggested it, but he had some errands to run and said to be dressed and ready to go when he got home so I didn't think about it and just went with it! We went to a movie and dinner afterwards. It was a real confidence booster to know that I can get in and out of a vehicle and navigate out in public. We also stopped at the hospital ED where I work and I got to visit with my co-workers. I really miss working. We're a close knit group in the ED and I miss being there. Several of the nurses have come to visit me at home which I thought was so nice because I know how busy everyone is and how tired one is after 3 12 hour shifts in the ED. I did hear some nice news. My boss has said I can return to the department and act as the ED secretary until I can return to full duty on the floor. They don't let nurses return on light duty, so when you come back you have to be able to hit the floor and hold your own. It might even be kind of fun for a few weeks. I'll watch all the cardiac monitors, coordinate ambulance transportation, work with bed placement to bed patients in our hospital and the Indianapolis campus, initiate STEMI protocol when a patient comes in with a heart attack, page all specialists for the docs and PAs, make sure I send patients that need advanced life support with the appropriate ambulance team, call radiology when we have a patient who is a stroke alert so they can be available for us to bring the patient. We have very specific times we have to meet for stroke patients regarding treatments. Actually, I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure I'll figure it all out. At least I get to sit at the nurses's station and still be part of all of the excitement. I better stop right now! I'm getting too exited!

    • It sounds like you had a fabulous night.SD&B, Sun Jul 1 12:37am
      I'm glad you got the job as ED secretary for now. It's never the job itself that makes you love it or hate it. It's the people you work with. Good people make just about any job bearable. You are... more
    • Now, that's a job! Love it. That soundsSoogee and Wally, Sat Jun 30 11:27pm
      like a hospital that is more human than most. At least you will be working, earning some money and not have to take sick or personal leave. It still sounds exciting. Years ago Mort and I were friends ... more
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