what a smart little girl (nm)
Mon Jul 2, 2018 8:27am

  • Frosty's First CigaretteSD&B, Fri Jun 29 12:04am
    Frosty was offered her first cigarette today. A Camel Unfiltered. I must add that it was a kind and generous gesture. Today was a big socialization day. It started out with visiting with the builder... more
    • what a smart little girl (nm) — Vera, Mon Jul 2 8:27am
    • Frosty, if we lived near you we would help you learn aboutMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Sat Jun 30 2:25am
      wheelchairs and walkers. Roo and Ellie say they're not scary at all. Debbie, you guys are really making lots of progress on socialization! Frosty sounds like such a great little pup. Glad she learned ... more
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