Barney did well!
Wed Jul 4, 2018 12:30am

Barney's surgery went well. The mass was well encapsulated and the vet didn't have to take any margins. (If she had had to take margins, she would have had to amputate his toe. The mass was next to a large vessel and tendons.) He is home now, very happy to be home. We are so happy to have him home. The vet managed to save the webbing on top and a lot of the webbing on the bottom. He should be almost as good as new in a couple of weeks. The stitches come out on the 16th. He is wearing a "spoon" splint and bandage at the moment. It reminds me of a peg leg. We have him in a bootie instead of a cone.

The growth will be sent to pathology to ensure the original finding of non-cancerous still holds.

Thanks for all the good thoughts.

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