So happy Barney is home safe and sound. (nm)
Wed Jul 4, 2018 8:24am

  • Barney did well!SD&B, Wed Jul 4 12:30am
    Barney's surgery went well. The mass was well encapsulated and the vet didn't have to take any margins. (If she had had to take margins, she would have had to amputate his toe. The mass was next to a ... more
    • this is good news!Vera, Thu Jul 5 2:44am
      I am hoping he will be running again quickly.
    • very good news!Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Wed Jul 4 11:24am
      Given the circumstances, this sounds like the best possible outcome.
    • So happy Barney is home safe and sound. (nm) — jackie&duke&delilah, Wed Jul 4 8:24am
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