her son sent an update via FB last night
Fri Jul 6, 2018 3:55am

she is doing ok under the circumstances. The surgery went without a hitch, but heck, the difficult times are still ahead of her. She will need all the zoo power she can get.
it makes my own problems looks so small right now.

  • Please keep Carol (Rocco,Chico & Romeo)Peggy(Rocky), Thu Jul 5 8:08am
    in your prayers today she will be having a double mastectomy . It's such a stressful time in her life.
    • I am sorry to hear that.Kelly, Mac and Roni, Sat Jul 7 4:36am
      I will keep her in my thoughts and send healing energies. Thanks for letting us know.
    • Peggy, how did you come to knowSoogee and Wally, Fri Jul 6 9:42pm
      this information? Did she mention it on FB? That certainly answers the question since I don't usually go on FB unless I receive a message that someone has commented to me. Thanks for letting us all... more
    • her son sent an update via FB last night — Vera, Fri Jul 6 3:55am
    • I didn't know that..LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Fri Jul 6 12:50am
      Happening so fast! Yes, of course....do we have an address for Carol to send cards? please email if someone has it.
    • OMG, Poor Carol, had no idea she wasSoogee and Wally, Thu Jul 5 8:45pm
      having this problem. Prayers for Carol? You better believe it! Never met Carol face to face but I have known her for many years here on The Zoo. May the sun shine always upon her. Prayers for Carol.
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