Kit and Max
Lounging on the patio
Mon Jul 9, 2018 8:58pm

Last weekend was a perfect weekend at the beach. We spend some of it on the patio at the house, just lounging around with Max.


He asked permission before getting on the lounge the first time. Once we told him yes, he was down and comfy. He preferred to lay on the bottom of a lounge I was sitting on. There are photos, but no way are they going on the internet!
Max wasn't sure he liked the beach house at first, but after a few weekends, he's gotten very fond of it. Yes, the yard is smaller, but there's lots of interesting passers by and he and the black lab next door chat. Plus, no television, so he gets tons of attention.
We're still working on getting him used to sand and the bay. There's tons of stuff on the beach he shouldn't eat, so we have to be vigilant. And now that it's summer, I don't take him on after about 10 in the morning because the sand is too hot on his paws. It took Travis a while, too, and Maggie never did get to like the bay beach. The ocean beach is off limits except in winter. But as you can see, Max is making himself right at home.

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