He gets cuter and cuter! (nm)
Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:02am

  • Lounging on the patioKit and Max, Mon Jul 9 8:58pm
    Last weekend was a perfect weekend at the beach. We spend some of it on the patio at the house, just lounging around with Max. He asked permission before getting on the lounge the first time. Once we ... more
    • He gets cuter and cuter! (nm) — jackie&duke&delilah, Tue Jul 10 10:02am
    • I don't know about the beach, butSoogee and Wally, Mon Jul 9 10:01pm
      that lounge chair looks just about right. I love the sound and the smell of the ocean but I never did care for the sand. I grew up camping for 6 weeks every summer on an island at Lake George. Lake... more
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